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Cheltenham Alliance for Race Equity (CARE) Launches

A new partnership formed with organisations across Cheltenham has been created to tackle systemic and structural racism.

Since early 2021, Lives of Colour has been leading a team of organisations in the formation of the ‘Cheltenham Alliance for Race Equity’ (CARE). This partnership of voluntary, community and statutory agencies will be working together to make Cheltenham a place where no-one is marginalised because of their ethnicity or culture, and to create equal and equitable opportunity and access for all without discrimination of any kind.

Although there has been work behind the scenes for over a year, the official launch of this alliance could not have come at a better time. The Gloucester Race Commission released a report at the end of last year, concluding that: “Many people from racially minoritized groups experience racism, hatred or micro aggressions every day. We consider this unacceptable in a modern open society, and something that must change.”

Yesterday (10 March 2022), members of these partnerships, along with community members, statutory agencies, allies, voluntary organisations and our partners countywide gathered online for the official launch and conference. Guest speakers included Rupert Walters, chair of the Gloucester City Commission, Guest speakers from GCHQ’s REACH (Race, Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage) programme, and Pittville School students who covered key topics such as how best to promote racial equality, promoting change at Pittville School, and CARE’s framework of how best to work towards equitable outcomes.

One of the Founders of the alliance and CEO of Lives of Colour Florence Nyasamo-Thomas said: “Working together with community members, allies, voluntary organisations and statutory agencies, has been a great way of taking action in working towards addressing the inequalities many of our communities experience. This infrastructure organisation will help identify where issues are interdependent to help process, analyse and disseminate information and allow us to combat racial injustices more intelligently.

“The alliance is a safe space to discuss concerns, learn from each other, influence policy etc. for years to come. With a plan we can listen and explore ways to move the conversation forward. And it is the commitment, hard work and time from those who have so far been involved that has got us here and there time has been truly appreciated."

We look forward to you joining us at the cultural themed Queens Platinum Jubilee at Pittville Park, Cheltenham on the 11 June 2022.

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