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Who Does Inclusion Training Support and Why?

Lives of Colour works to educate organisations on the importance of diversity, while elevating the voices of ethnically diverse individuals. Our charity is working toward creating a society free from discrimination and inequality. To help achieve this, we work closely providing inclusion training and other services to a number of organisations, as well as local communities in Gloucestershire and beyond.


Who do we support with our diversity initiatives and inclusion training?

  • Businesses (of all sizes)

  • Schools

  • Local government

  • Educators - head teachers, school librarians and parents

  • HR and Training Managers

  • Ethnically diverse communities

Statutory agencies

Statutory agencies, such as schools and local councils, can often have difficulties in creating conversations around different cultures, races and sexualities. We embed ourselves into these cultures to start these vital conversations. We truly believe that an inclusive culture is a necessary key to a happy, productive work or school environment. For organisation leaders, we’ve adapted a Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion Training course which supports them in tackling unconscious bias, racial competence, equity and best practice. At the end of this 5-day course, leaders should feel comfortable in addressing structural culture issues and create suitable action points to engage ethnically diverse communities.

As we want our charity work to play a significant and positive role in helping your organisation, we can assist you in recruiting the best diverse talent in Gloucestershire.

Inclusion training is a crucial part of what we do, but we can also help you take actionable steps in creating a more diverse workplace. By bridging the gap between diverse communities and organisations, we’re able to help you find the best talent.

Since early 2021, our charity has led a team of organisations in the formation of the ‘Cheltenham Alliance for Race Equity’ (CARE). This partnership of voluntary, community and statutory agencies will be working together to make Cheltenham a place where no-one is discriminated against or marginalised because of their ethnicity or culture, and to create equal and equitable opportunity for all. Read More



Every child should be able to see themselves as the main character. That’s why we work with a publisher to provide diverse books to educators and parents that are representative of the world we live in.
Through our Authors of Colour book club, we want young people to be able to understand our diverse community by reading books about different religions, cultures, sexual orientations, races and disabilities.
By being taught about the world around them, we truly believe that new generations will learn the value of tolerance and acceptance - the best kind of inclusion training. Read about one of our wonderful Authors of Colour, Saadia Faruqi, author of the children’s book series Yasmin.

Ethnically Diverse Communities

Our charity has created a safe space for young people to build confidence and feel empowered through our Young, Leading and Black scheme. Through this mentoring group, we help young, black people in Gloucestershire build confidence by equipping them with the right tools they need to develop as they go into adulthood.
This group is especially useful for young people looking to go into the worlds of STEM or Tech, and we can support older teenagers with work placements and apprenticeships in this field.

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Swimmers of Colour

Through Swimmers of Colour, we’re empowering black women in Gloucestershire by teaching them how to swim. 95% of black British adults can’t swim, according to Sport England, so we’re helping to lower these numbers with our inspiring swim campaign.

By collaborating with SoulCap, Sport England and Active Gloucestershire, we’re bringing together the community by getting active, having fun and supporting one another.

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