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Superdry x Fabrics of Colour

This International Women's Day, Superdry celebrated their partnership with Lives of Colour through the Fabrics of Colour project.

Fabrics of Colour aims to offer a safe space for black women to share and care for one another by working together and supporting each other, as well as promoting cultural exchange through textiles and fashion using African prints. 15 women, with no previous experience of design and sewing, are working with two professionals to create a garment each.

The work on the project began in summer 2022, before CEO, Florence Nyasamo-Thomas, realised that more space was needed to make her vision a success. Inspired by her ambition, Superdry opened the doors to their creative and design studios in support.

“Superdry was supportive of our project from the word go,” Florence explains.

“It’s been wonderful running the workshop in this space. It has elevated our work, given us visibility, and most of all it gave us a base to build a community.”

After weeks of developing skills in design, pattern-cutting, patchwork and sewing, each designer will have the exciting chance to showcase their work in an exclusive fashion show at Superdry HQ later this year.

Overcome with emotion, Florence added, “I don’t think I can put into words what it means for these women to have a space where they can celebrate themselves.”

Find out more on the Superdry website here and watch the video below



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