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Mangrove: the podcast episode one

On this new podcast, we're exploring the experiences and issues facing the black community in the UK. In this series, our host, Jordan Hailwood, will be uncovering the experiences of black men and boys in the UK today. You can keep up-to-date with episodes via our dedicated Instagram page.

"In this first episode, I want to know if there’s any merit to the idea that there exists universal elements to the black male identity. To answer this I’m speaking to someone who wrote the book on black masculinity in modern-day Britain… quite literally.

Iggy London is an award winning filmmaker, artist and writer. Known for his distinctive style and gripping stories, his work crosses many mediums. From films to poetry to photography. He has created work for the likes of Nowness, Love Magazine, Nike and Vogue, And his work has been covered on i-D, Highsnobiety, Dazed and the Guardian, to name a few.

I’ve managed to catch Iggy ahead of the release of his debut book ‘Mandem’. Mandem is a collection of essays exploring what it means to be a black man in contemporary Britain

And so, as our resident expert, I’m keen to explore Iggy’s view of identity, his own identity and what he’s learnt about black masculinity in the process of editing his book."

You can listen to the episode below or on Apple Podcast, Spotify and Google Podcast


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