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Our Vision.

To provide a platform that offers infrastructure and education to support diversity and inclusion within businesses, educational institutions and government agencies, therefore building a resilient society.


Inequality has continued to be a contentious subject in our society whether it is about gender, religion, age, disability, ethnicity or sexuality. We believe this builds fear, resentment, misunderstanding and more if not adequately addressed. 


Living in a world where diversity is a reality, many organisations fail to adapt to the innovative new ways of engaging with new audiences, which in effect result in missed opportunities. Acknowledging the power of diversity and embracing difference, including that of experience and thoughts, creates a harmonious environment in which organisations will thrive with the formation of new narratives in the workplace.


We do this by:

  • Working in partnership with organisations

  • Offering education and workshop opportunities

  • Hosting events throughout the year

  • Engaging with new audiences

  • Creating an environment to be innovative with information



Lives of Colour has worked in partnership with Strike A Light, Everyman Theatre, University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham Literature Festival, FestivALL etc in Gloucestershire to increase diversity and inclusionary events. This work has included advising on the type of events that ensures inclusion of diverse communities, finding new strategies that work best for black and minority ethnic groups, as well as providing diversity and inclusion workshops and courses. 


We also provide consultancy on a one to one basis tailor made to fit in with the specific need or your organisation. Whether we are working with an institution or a small business we provide you an in-depth assessment on the best strategy for your business and how you can thrive from the benefits of increased inclusivity. 

Educational Institutions

As well as advising and consulting educational institutions, Lives of Colour has developed our Authors of Colour Book Club initiative in order to bring diverse literature to educational institutions. Through our Book Club, schools and school libraries will be provided with the tools needed to provide children from Year 1 to 10 with an inclusive syllabus. 


Learn more about the Authors of Colour Book Club here

Government Agencies

Lives of Colour has worked with government agencies including Cheltenham Borough Council. This was instrumental in setting up Black History Month in Cheltenham where the annual event has grown to include organisations beyond Cheltenham, resulting in rebranding in 2018 as Black History Month Gloucestershire. We have increased the number of partnership organisations from 3 in 2014 to 15 in 2019.


Being a partner member of the School Library Association means that we can reach schools all over the country with our initiative Authors of Colour Book Club for Schools. This supports diversity and inclusion in children's literature and ensures regardless of locality, children will increase their knowledge of difference and understanding to prepare them to live in our diverse world. 

Impact Report

Find out more by reading our
Impact Report

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