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Authors of Colour  a 'literary journey around the world’.

Authors of Colour

Authors of Colour is a Lives of Colour initiative created to help and encourage readers to develop a passion for reading diverse literature from authors in the UK and around the world. It is a platform to encourage children, adults, parents and educators to go on ‘a literary journey around the world’ and read different up to date titles from authors all over the globe.


In 2017, CLPE research found a dire lack of diversity in children’s literature. Only one percent of the books published that year had an ethnic minority as a protagonist. Furthermore despite their being 800,000 children living with disabilities in the UK, the representation of disabled people in children's books did not correlate. This underrepresentation is apparent across many more social categories.


In our ever-changing global climate, our lives are impacted by experiences far beyond our locality. We meet, work and live next door to people of different cultures, religions or with differing capabilities, but do not often stop to understand such differences. At Lives of Colour we believe that through recognising difference and highlighting similarities, we are able to create a resilient, and colourful, society. 

Authors of Colour Book Club seeks to embrace diversity and inclusion by encouraging children and young people to learn about different cultures, religions, disabilities, sexual orientations (etc.) and grow an understanding of the world around them through literature. We equip schools and parents with the resources and books needed to communicate values of understanding and acceptance within our future young leaders.

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Authors of Colour: Featured author

Saadia Faruqi is a Pakistani American writer, essayist and interfaith activist. As well as writing the childrens 'Yasmin' books she also writes for a number of publications including the Huffington Post, and is editor-in-chief of Blue Minaret, a magazine for Muslim art, poetry and prose. Her adult short story collection Brick Walls: Tales of Hope & Courage from Pakistan was published in 2015. She resides in Houston, TX with her husband and children.

A Childhood Spent in the Library
By Saadia Faruqi, author of Yasmin

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