Conversations of Colour


Alongside diversity and inclusion consulting Lives of Colour runs its own projects both locally and nationally, all focused on enabling individuals and communities to own their own narratives regardless of their Gender, Religion, Age, Disability, Ethnicity, Economic status, Sexual Orientation or Sexuality. This is implemented through articles, video stories and podcasts.

 Here are the inspiring stories of the people we have met on our endeavours:


As part of our I-Mmigrate Exhibition, Mr Dennis shares his story of his journey as a part of the Windrush Generation. Leaving ... at 14 years old, Mr Dennis landed in Gloucestershire to find a new future for himself.

Dr Fey Tayo's Journey to Dentistry

Faye was born in the UK but grew up in Nigeria.  She shares her inspiring story of moving back to the UK building her career in dentistry. 

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