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We help to educate organisations on the importance of diversity, while elevating the voices of ethnically and culturally diverse individuals


Want to help create a society free from discrimination and inequality?

We provide diversity and inclusivity training to organisations in the Gloucestershire area and beyond...

Lives of Colour ‘is an initiative of the Nowans Trust Community Charity’ and was launched in 2018. We work to empower organisations on the importance of equity, equality, diversity, and inclusion. By providing more than solely diversity training, we share best practices for culture change and elevate the voices of diverse communities in Gloucestershire and beyond for equitable futures.

What do we do to support businesses?

As well as offering inclusion and diversity training in the workplace, we are bridging the gap between minority communities and organisations in Gloucestershire.

  • We create actionable steps for organisations to foster an inclusive workplace with our inclusion and diversity training

  • We teach organisations to embrace a workplace culture where everyone can thrive, through our comprehensive 5 module framework

  • We support businesses to recruit the best, diverse talent in the Gloucestershire area

What do we do to support minority youth communities?

Through our Young, Leading and Black scheme, we support young people aged 12-18 in Gloucestershire to find their path. This is done by creating a safe space for them to build confidence and feel empowered. Our mentoring scheme supports these young people by preparing them with theskills they need to thrive. Our mission is to foster community and togetherness amongst young blackpeople in Gloucestershire.

What do we do to support diversity in schools?

Through our Authors of Colour scheme, we support diversity and inclusion through literature so that every young child feels welcome in their community.
Only 7% of children’s books published in the UK since 2017 feature characters of colour, according to CLPE. An even smaller percentage of books have a non-white character as a protagonist. We want to make sure that every child can see themselves as the main character, so our charity works closely with a diverse publisher to supply schools and parents with multicultural books.
With Authors of Colour, we take children, parents and educators on a literary journey around the world!


Who do we help?


Our diversity training, culture events and other campaigns support:

  • Schools

  • Businesses

  • Statutory agencies

  • Organisations

  • Young, black communities


By supporting minority communities and fostering conversations of colour, we support the community as a whole.

How do we help?


Lives of Colour starts non-judgemental conversations around inequality and equity. By celebrating differences and embracing positive change, we can support organisations and communities in Gloucestershire to be part of a harmonious environment.

Our Core Values


Opening the door to different points of view, facilitating insights and
understanding, inviting involvement and inspiring greater inclusivity.


Groups and individuals who truly collaborate see the value in working together.


Honesty and trust are about creating a culture of openness. They are rooted in
interactions between us all, as well as the principle of acting in the best interests
of others.


Courage requires an ability to understand societal inequality and its impact (both
positive and negative) on yourself and others. It requires us all to remove
obstacles to inclusiveness.

Our Vision


Ultimately, we’re working toward a world where we are all curious to learn from one another, where difference is celebrated and embraced and where we can show up and thrive as ourselves at work as we are at home.

Culture Fest 2024

This Cheltenham festival is a vibrant event that celebrates the diversity and richness of different cultures through music, dance, food, art, and traditions. It serves as a platform for people from various backgrounds to come together and share heritage while learning about  and appreciating other cultures. Our events typically feature performances, workshops, exhibits, and interactive activities that promote cross cultural understanding and unity. It is a colourful and inclusive celebration of global diversity and cultural exchange. 

Be part of the cultural conversation and enjoy a family day out in Pittville Park, Cheltenham on Saturday the

15th of June 2024.

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