We at Authors of Colour strongly believe that the best way to learn is through reading. Not only does reading with your child help develop their language and literacy skills, but with a book from the Authors of Colour Book Club, your child will learn more about the diverse society we live in.

Aimed at those looking to expand their child's education with a broader social and cultural understanding of the world,  we have done the hard work of finding the books, so you do not have to.


Our subscription book service, for children aged 0 to 9, provides you and your child with a top quality curation of diverse children's books, scavenged from across the globe and delivered to your door each month.


Having had the opportunity to speak to countless children, young adults and parents, Lives of Colour have long acknowledged the difficulties around finding quality inclusive books that children can connect with. We have been continuously asked “where do we buy books that are relatable and representative of us?’, ‘how can I introduce my child to places/beliefs/circumstances that are beyond our immediate environment?’ or 'where can I find children books that discuss current and important social issues?'. With our NEW Authors of Colour Book Club for parents, you can watch your child's reading skills blossom while their awareness of the world rockets with it.


Our Authors of Colour Book Club is here to offer you a chance to connect with your child through literature that goes beyond the mundane. Through either our 3-month, 6-month or 12-month subscription packages, your child will discover the world of opportunities for them, embrace difference within themselves and other people and learn to accept the unknown.  

How it


Sign up to either our month-to-month, 6 month or 12 month subscription package, starting from £12.99 a month, to receive two quality books and start your child's diverse literature journey. 


Once you have subscribed, answer a few questions about your child, their reading interests, and any other specifications that you would like us to consider.   

Step One.











We believe it is vital that children's reading material's avoid gender based stereotyping. When sourcing your books, we look for books that encourage a positive view of gender where character's capabilities are not dependent on whether they are a boy, girl or otherwise.

In an increasingly globalised world, it is becoming more and more important that our children learn religious tolerance.

This means fostering a broader understanding of different religions around the world so that our future leaders can disregard religious stereotyping and embrace difference.

Disability is often a topic many children fail to grasp at an early age due to a lack of proximity to those with disabilities. 

However, your children can learn about the characteristics, challenges, strengths and experiences of those with disabilities through the characters in our selected books in order to encourage a world of acceptance. 


Children's understanding of age is often neglected in the topic of inclusive children's literature, however we believe that through books children can grow a greater understanding of ageing that combats ageist tropes. We encourage a healthy relationship to ageing with the absence of pity and the celebration of intergenerational friendships.


We believe that, for a child's social and literary development to grow, it is important for children to not only see a range of protagonists of different ethnicities, but to see themselves represented in the books that they read.

As a result, our books urge your children to learn acceptance and tolerance of people who do not look like them, as well as encourage them to feel included in the books they read.



We believe that in order to encourage acceptance in our society, it is important that children recognise that different types of love exist. As a delicate topic for younger years, our list contains books that demonstrate different family set-ups whereby families with same-sex parents can feel validated.

Our topics.

As we scavenge for the perfect books across the globe, we encourage our readers to explore social topics in a way that is often neglected in mainstream children's literature. In selecting each book to send out to you, our subscription holders, we evaluate your specifications, consider the reading-level of the book and examine how the topic is tailored to the age of the child reader. Our topics cover:

It is of utmost importance to us that we provide suitable books that facilitate conversations, understandings and a greater awareness of our diverse society, starting at home.


Through these topics and more, we aim to help your child see themselves reflected in the books that they read, as well as encourage them to understand the varied lives of the people around them.

Our testimonies.

More and more parents are searching for diverse books to further their child's social and cultural education. If you would like to join them, contact us here for more information.

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